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Absorbent & Adsorbent Dryer Desiccants

With more than 65 years of experience developing desiccant formulas, Van Air Systems and Van Gas Technologies are the original and leading manufacturers of deliquescent desiccants for drying compressed air and gases. Deliquescent desiccants are a dependable, cost-effective, and energy-free tool for a wide range of drying applications.

Van Air is also a leading source for a variety of adsorbent desiccants, including activated alumina, silica gel, molecular sieve. These desiccants are used in point-of-use applications as well as in regenerative drying applications.


Absorbent Desiccants

  • Formulated for Van Air single tower compressed air dryers and natural gas pipeline dryers
  • Dense hygroscopic tablets that absorb water vapour
  • Non-toxic and fully water soluble
  • Requires no energy or fuel
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Prevents air or gas line freeze-ups
  • Environmentally safe, no BTEX emissions
  • Inhibits natural gas hydrate formation


Established RH of 55%
  • Abrasive blasting and portable air drying
  • Low pressure digester and land fill gases
  • Ready mix, asphalt and concrete plants
  • Pulp and Paper, steel mills


Established RH of 33%
  • Drying high pressure, low temperature sales gas
  • Fuel gas dehydration
  • Instrument gas dehydration


Established RH of 13%
  • Meeting pipeline moisture specifications
  • Fuel gas dehydration
  • Instrument gas dehydration
  • Lowering dew point of chilled biogas and landfill gas for siloxane mitigation
Desiccants - deliquescent, activated alumina and silica gel.

Adsorbent Desiccants

  • Capable of dew points of -40°F to -100°F
  • Ability to be regenerated in twin tower style dryers
  • Point-of-use instrument dryer applications

Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers

Dew points to -100°F
  • High adsorption capacity
  • Low abrasion for ensuring minimal dusting and a low pressure drop
  • Resistant to liquid water slugging
  • Uniform bead size minimizes pressure drop and channelling
Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers
Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve

Established RH of 13%
  • More consistent moisture retention from 10% to 100% relative humidity
  • Used to produce dew points as low as -100°F
  • With a round shape, the Van Air molecular sieve has a higher abrasion resistance and delivers a lower pressure drop than extruded molecular sieves.

Silica Gel

Dew points of -40°F and lower
  • High moisture retention capacity under dynamic conditions
  • Available in two types, non-indicating and indicating
  • Impregnated moisture indicator changes colour from blue to pink when saturated
  • High static adsorption (moisture retention) under certain relative humidity conditions
Silica Gel