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Bulk Materials Handling Systems

Since 1947, The Young Industries has been a worldwide supplier of bulk materials handling equipment that is safe, easy to operate, install and maintain. A value engineered based manufacturer, equipment is designed and built to operate unattended 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Systems and associated products are designed to handle a wide range of dry solids including powders, resins, pellets, flakes, pigments and regrinds.


Bulk Materials Handling Systems

  • Pneumatic conveying systems for dilute and dense phase mode
  • TransVair mechanical conveyor systems capable of handling sub micron to ½” diameter product including plastic pellets and titanium dioxide
  • STINGER® conveying systems for transferring titanium dioxide or carbon black
  • Bulk bag handling systems for emptying and filling bags up to two tons

Bin Discharging & Aeration Equipment

  • SilentFlow® bin dischargers to solve the problem of handling and discharging difficult flowing bulk materials
  • Trans-Flow® aeration pads to fluidize fine powdered bulk materials
  • STINGER® conveyor for handling hard to flow materials like TIO2, carbon black and other pigments – an effective replacement for screw conveyors handling sugar, flour, calcium carbonate and abrasive produces like clays and ceramic powders
  • STINGER® screw conveyor to solve the problem of metering and conveying TIO 2, pigments and other cohesive powders

Bulk Bag Handling

  • Bag flow systems for emptying flexible IBCs including support frame with variable height to accommodate all size bags and discharge systems
  • Flexfill systems for weighed filling of IBCs up to 2 ton capacity including adjustable support frame with mechanical or load cell weighing
  • Direct-From-Bag un-loader with STINGER® for companies not having a bulk bag handling system

Mixers & Blenders

  • Horizontal ribbon blenders to blend solids to solids, solids to liquids and light paste materials
  • Continuous multi-shaft mixer to handle a wide variety of products from oil to heavy pastes – units mix solids into solids and liquids into solids on a continuous basis
  • Multi-port gravity blenders in sizes from 15 cu. ft. to 5,000 cu. ft. working capacity – units are adaptable to existing storage facilities and are suitable for outdoor installations eliminating the need for separate storage structures

Dust Control Equipment

  • Bag Handling Equipment, Selfcontained Filter/Bag Dump Stations, Conventional Bag Dump Stations, Empty Bag Compactors
  • Filter collectors continuous-cleaning pulse jet units – designs include vertical/cylindrical, vertical/square and horizontal
  • Cyclone collectors for the mechanical separation of granular type products with designs for both vacuum and pressure service

Valves & Self Aligning Flanges

  • Precision rotary valves used as metering devices, feeders and rotary airlocks for dry free flowing materials with an extensive series of models including drop-thru, side entry, V-orifice, blo-thru, quick clean, high pressure and temperature and dust collection
  • Precision family of Diverter Valves – Swing gate for pneumatic conveying systems – Gravity diverters in rotary vane & blade diverter configurations – Bucket diverters for gravity drop conveying lines
  • Rotary plug diverter valves designed to prevent contamination of bulk materials
  • Self-aligning flanges with a unique joint design providing long, leak-free service