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Natural Gas Dehydration & Filtration Products

Van Gas Technologies specializes in natural gas and biogas dehydration and filtration. With an emphasis on technological innovation and customer support, Van Gas delivers world class solutions and services that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Compressed Air Dryers - Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers

Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers

Sales Gas Applications
  • Innovative and cost effective solution for removing water vapour from natural gas and biogas
  • Simple process, deliquescent desiccant absorbs moisture as it slowly dissolves
  • No fuel gas, pumps or burners
  • No BTEX or VOC emissions produced
  • Meets pipeline moisture specifications under many conditions

Instrument Dryers

Instrument Gas Applications
  • Single tower adsorption dryer able to reduce water content to dew points as low as -40°F/C
  • Ideal solution to protect sensitive equipment and instrumentation such as gas meters, regulators and oxygen sensors
  • No power requirements or moving parts

Explosion Proof Dryers

Instrument & Fuel Gas Applications
  • Regenerative heatless type dryer designed for long service life, delivering dew points from -40°F/C to -100°F/C
  • Solution for conditioning instrument and fuel gas to protect vital equipment such as micro turbines and internal combustion engines
  • Optional DC power for remote locations and factory mounted filters, piping and bypass valves

Fuel Gas Separator & Dehydrator

Fuel Gas Applications
  • Skid mounted PLD series dryers with large sump area acting as a two-phase separator
  • Includes positive shut-off valve to protect engines from water slugs
  • No electricity or fuel required making it ideal for remote installations
  • Environmentally friendly desiccant ensures a low dew point
Fuel Gas Separator & Dehydrator


All Gas Applications
  • High efficiency coalescing filters designed to remove particulate down to 0.01 microns with a maximum oil carryover of 0.008 ppm
  • GF 102 series have optional closure types including swing bolt and blind flange
  • Large sump area for knock out and collection of bulk liquids
  • GF200 & 300 series suited for fuel and instrumentation gas applications

Engineered Solutions

All Gas Applications
  • Van Gas Technologies offers custom natural gas dehydration equipment
  • Complete staff of mechanical, process, and industrial engineers
  • In-house ASME code fabrication facility and extensive project management capabilities
  • Custom dehydration solutions to meet virtually any application or specification
Engineered Solutions